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One Beat Designs offer a professional, affordable and friendly approach to web design. We don’t spew techy jargon, we talk your language. Our commercially trained team understand the importance of listening to a client’s needs and delivering a bespoke package to suit the bill, on time and on budget. Throughout this process we are always on hand to answer questions and tweak until the final glorious product has been completed.



What We Offer

Fotolia_43178855_Lv2All of the features below come as standard with any website we create for our clients:

secure hosting
domain name
personalised email addresses
a user-friendly content management system for easy updates by the clients in future
fully responsive website which can be used on phones and tablets




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Commerce capabilities such as an online marketplace including secure payment and shipping tables
Social media capabilities linking to either existing social media accounts or access to your own social media manager who will create accounts and optimise your online social media presence
Photography for the site and future marketing material
Video generation and promotion through your own Youtube channel



Get In Touch


If you would like to learn more about these packages please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help!



For more information, please drop us a line! Email: sara@onebeatdesigns.co.uk Tel: 07817055697


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